Ask yourself the following questions:
As a "Private Pay" center, how does your cook determine the proper amount of food to prepare for each meal, based upon your age driven meal counts?

How often is too much food being prepared and how does that affect your budget or profit margin?

If you are on the "food program," don't you enjoy calculating the amount of food to prepare, based on the CACFP Food Charts?

Have you ever been audited and ended up owing money back to CACFP for serving improper quantities of milk and food to your children?

Wouldn't it be nice to utilize a tool that automatically calculates the exact quantities of food to be prepared, based on your age driven meal counts as established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture?

The Simplex Solutions Food Portion Program was developed, in 1989, to assist the daily planning and accounting of food served in a child care facility, based upon "age sensitive" food quantities as required by the U. S. Department of Agriculture's CACFP progam. During the annual reviews of our centers, by CACFP auditors and consultants, the calculator's results have proven accurate. The calculator is now used by centers that participate in the CACFP Program, as well as "Private Pay" centers, in order to reduce food waste and lower costs.

This calculator will list the major food components (milk, juice, protein, protein alternates, fruits, vegetables, bread, etc.) of each meal and identify the quantities to be prepared, based upon the attendance of each approved age bracket.

The Simplex Solutions Food Portion Calculator provides these major advantages:

  • No need for costly computers and programs.
  • Proven accuracy for over 10 years.
  • Calculates the exact quantities of each food category.
  • Reduces food costs by preparing proper portions.
  • Keeps the cook in the kitchen, cooking!
  • Saves time... less headaches.
"I recently purchased the Simplex Solutions Calculator, and have been impressed with how easy it is to calculate the amount of food to prepare. During the last month alone, we saved over $400.00 just by using Simplex's calculator. We didn't realize how much food we were wasting. Now we have complete confidence in the quantities prepared, and can rest assured that our next CACFP food audit will be less stressful. I don't know how we got along without it. It was well worth the money!"
Chere Williams
Carousel Child Development Center, Alva, OK
President, Oklahoma Child Care Association

"Next Generation was one of the first centers to begin using the Simplex Solutions Calculator, dating back to 1989. We have been so accustomed to using the calculator, that I can't imagine doing the manual calculations. This calculator has helped us stay within our food budget each month. And I can honestly say, in the last 11 years, during our routine audits, the Dept. of Education (CACFP) has never found our food quantities to be under the listed requirements. As a result, we have never paid a dime back to the CACFP program."
Sandy White
Director, Next Generation Child Care Center
Oklahoma City

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